Product Recommendations

If you would like assistance in picking a product or strength please call or email for CBD/CBG suggestions. Our theory at Pure Wellness is to start low and grow, and ALWAYS consult with your doctor. When you begin a CBD regiment it is important to remember CBD/CBG is not an over night fix, it takes time to build a strong endocannabinoid system, and time is on your side.

But here are few tips and suggestions we have found to be helpful:

250mg: kids and mild anxiety 

500mg; MOST POPULAR STRENGTH, moderate anxiety, general aches and pain

For any autoimmune,extreme pain, or nervous system disorder, we suggest the PCRX line for the added CBG.

Silver and 500mg; our MOST POPULAR COMBO! Combos are very beneficial, this way you can get the CBG and still receive a high dose of CBD

Active Duty RX; PTSD, anxiety, and depression. We’re hooked on this one!

Active Duty RX and 250mg; severe PTSD, anxiety and depression

Not one person is the same, find what works best for YOU! 

***If you experience chronic low blood pressure or take blood thinners talk to you prescribing doctor. These clients usually need to start much slower on the lowest strength.***