Our Story

Where to begin?

I wouldn’t of believed if it had not happen to me. My name is Kim Krueger, my sister, Kacie and I are the owners of Pure Wellness and we each have a very personal testimony. With her permission I’d like to tell you how we got here.  Our journey with CBD/CBG and PureCannaceuticals began at the end of 2017 and I know it saved my life.

But first I want to start with Kacie, the most incredible woman I‘ll ever know. Kacie has dealt with depression since her teen years. I remember she would come home from school and just go straight to bed. She even would spend some weekends just in her room alone. Nothing that was on high alert but just not a “normal” happy go lucky teen, even though she was able to fool many (sorry sis). Then when she was 18 she met Robby, they dated for 10 YEARS, married for 1 and had the most beautiful baby girl, She was the happiest I have ever seen her. Then in September of 2013 Robby was in a terrible car wreck and did not survive his injuries. She lost everything, 3 days before we were having their wedding reception on their 2 year anniversary. It was the darkest of times for our entire family. She was on MANY anti depressants, anti anxieties, that either made her a zombie, knocked her out all day, or simply just didn’t work. We started her on the lowest strength from the PCX Line and slowly I started to see her come back to life. I finally had my sister back, and Kaylee had her mom present in her life. She was able to ditch her meds, pick herself up, start a business, and is an incredible mother, sister, daughter, and friend. We couldn’t be more proud of her.

Chronic illness……. When I was 6 weeks old I was hospitalized for spinal meningitis, and from that point on I was sick. But it wasn’t until age 5 that I was diagnosed with Behcets, a rare autoimmune disease. Behcets is incredibly complicated and difficult to treat, most  of the time the doctors couldn’t even pronounce it correctly. Behcets is a lot of all over body inflammation, vasculitis, arthritis, neuropathy, ulcerations, skin lesions, lots of   

chronic pain, too many symptoms to list. We have traveled all over to some of the best hospitals in the country including John’s Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. I have seen hundreds of doctors and taken THOUSANDS of medications usually adding more due to side effects, as you can imagine I could accumulate a laundry list of meds. Fast forward to the end of 2017, I hit a major flare ending up in ICU once again. Things were not looking good for me, I had zero quality of life and thought either the drugs or the disease is going to kill me, something had to change. On a chance my mom had been following Lexie Johnson in Tulsa, OK, she was documenting her journey with Lymes disease and PureCannaceutical products. She reached out to ask if this could help me, what did we have to loose? I started dosing pretty heavily on the PCX 1000mg and the PCRX Gold tincture, what happen next changed my life forever. The very first thing I noticed was my anxiety seem to be getting better in just a couple of weeks, and within a couple months I came off dozens of medications! I am now currently taking 1 medication and have not been hospitalized in over 2 years, not even an ER visit! We had to get involved you don’t discover something completely life changing and keep it a secret. Not only do I have my life back, but now I work in this incredible industry educating and helping others. And I must say the testimonials never get old. I am not claiming a cure, I still have my bad days but I can manage. There is hope, words I never thought I could say but here I am.